Monday, May 26, 2008

New in the shop...

A while back a rider stopped by the shop and we chatted up bikes and stuff. Turns out she's also a photographer and created a really cool collection of greeting cards with her photos. Some of the photos are of bikes shot on location in Italy. Some are of the Mt. Tam area (Mt. Tam in the background of the poppies shot). And some are nicely produced creative shots.

Sherreme dropped off 25 cards at the shop where you, yes you, can purchase them for only $4.50 each. That is an incredible bargain for such nice work compared to the sappy junk you get at the local drug store for the same price. Check out her website too (I need to create a link to your site on my site - I'll get it done, trust me Sherreme!).

(What's Bob Dylan Tangled up in Blue - Great song!)

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