Monday, May 12, 2008

Good news and good views...

Well, good news if you are in the bicycle industry. "Gas prices knock bicycle sales, repairs into higher gear," proclaims the headline in yesterday's Marin IJ. The interesting aspect of this article is that the highlighted bike shop is in Bismark, ND - not exactly a locale that you'd imagine being big on using the bicycle as an alternative to fossil fuel burning vehicles.

This week is National Bike to Work and May is National Bike Month. I've been invited to be on KWMR's West Marin Matters radio show with Fred Smith of the EAC and Amanda Eichstaedt, who sits on the League of American Bicyclists board of directors as President, Region 6, to talk about Bike to Work Week. Tune in or log on today at 1:00.

In the "good views" category is the art show at Gallery Route One featuring Steve Brock and his Bicycles of Florence show. If you are into bikes, photography, book binding, books, travelling...his exhibit is well worth the trip to Point Reyes. Steve was living in Florence, Italy to learn book binding and starting taking photos of bike he saw on the street. The end result is an incredible hand bound book featuring the photos of the bikes of Florence.

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