Saturday, April 19, 2008

New XC race bike build...

A couple of weeks ago, I built up a race bike for a local NorCal high school mountain bike league racer. He grabbed a 2nd a few days later and it looks like he won his race last weekend. He also must have caught the eye of Sean at Soulcraft because Daniel dropped off a sweet new Soulcraft frame that he needed built up that day to take down to race Sea Otter tomorrow.

I had a several frantic hours to get it built before he and his family headed down to Monterey. And, of course, in my quest for perfection, I couldn't let it go out with the mile of hydraulic brake hose that manufacturers seem to think riders need. Luckily Formula includes the necessary barbs, olives, and banjos necessary to cut down the hose so the bike would look PRO. They didn't include bleed fittings, though, but since Formula also makes (or made) the Avid Juicy 7 disc, I had the tools to bleed the brakes.

The front brake bleed was a one-time, worked like a champ, procedure. The rear brake, however... Well, it took several attempts before I could get all the air out of the line. The location of the bleed hole in the lever must allow some air to pool above the port. But, in the end, got it right, snugged it all up and as they arrived to pick up the bike, I was just finishing with aligning the front caliper and it was good to go.

The new Soulcraft is a touch heavier than the aluminum Orbea it replaced, but I'm sure it will be a way better riding bike - oh, sweet steel!

Got parts?

Finished - and check out the really cool head badge. Just looks fast sitting there.

(What's playing: Neko Case Live from an All Songs Considered podcast)

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