Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just a rambling photo laden post...

The weather over last weekend was absolutely incredible, hitting the mid-80's. For the first time in months, I didn't need to fire up the heater in the shop and my arms actually saw daylight on a ride! I've lived in SoCal since 1969 and have had a "farmer's tan" since then. Wore shorts to work year-round and occasionally broke out the arm and knee warmers when the temps dipped into the low 60's.

NorCal is another story. My arms hadn't seen daylight for months and the white on my shoulders now extended to my hand. But this weekend was different. The ride started off chilly in the 40's, but by the time we got to the initial climb that would take us up towards Mt. Tam, the arm warmers were off (knee warmers came off at the top). We didn't make it to the top of Mt. Tam, but turned around at Rock Spring after climbing the scenic Ridgecrest Blvd. As it was, we had a nice 4 hour 40 mile ride (leisurely) with about 4500' of climbing. The view down to Bolinas was spectacular.

While the weather was nice, I also got out a few more times. A new favorite 20 mile out-and-back has become the ride to Heart's Desire beach.

Fauna seen on the ride.

Besides all the riding I'm forced to do, it's been pretty busy at the shop. All of the bikes in the photo below are in for repair. There's 13 bikes in the shot and another 3 not in view. Yep, been busy.

I like the detail on this cable guide of this first year WTB Phoenix.

Cleaning deceased bees off bikes included in the price of a tune-up.

What a cool derailleur. Suntour had some interesting designs back in the 80's - out of the box thinking.

And last, but not least, more spiders appearing out of nooks and crannies of bikes. This guy scampered out of the inside of a Mafac brake lever.

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