Monday, April 21, 2008

First place...

Mechanics take as much joy out of bikes they work on winning races as do the racers. I know I'm not going to be winning races anytime soon (would probably need to "train" instead of "ride" and actually resume racing), so I might as well make sure bikes I work on perform perfectly for their riders.

Remember that Soulcraft I assembled last Friday? Welp, two days later its rider piloted it to a first place in the XC Expert 18 & Under category at the Sea Otter Classic. Daniel won by almost 2 minutes. Hot dang, that's awesome! Congratulations, Daniel.

(What's playing: The Raconteurs Store Bought Bones)


Eric said...

Excellent news!!! MV is now the mechanic to the stars. :)

The bike did look fast.

blackmountaincycles said...

Well, I did build up one of yours - at least dialed in the shifters and brakes :-)