Monday, April 28, 2008

Lighthouse ride...

As I was heading out the gate for a morning ride up Mt. Vision and back down via the fire road into Inverness, I had a change of plan. Ride out to the lighthouse and back - an easy 40 miles. Well, easy if there's no wind. Or easier if you have a tail wind. It was sunny in Pt. Reyes with a hint of breeze when I left. By the time I hit the climb over Inverness Ridge, the wind had picked up and by the time I was over the ridge and out on the National Seashore, the wind had kicked up and wisps of fog were blowing over the road. The prevailing wind is from the north so I had a nice push out to the lighthouse.

Tail winds are a wonderful ego boost. Combined with the fog, which seems to suppress sound, riding with the wind this morning was especially sweet. Rolling along in the big ring, spinning the pedals quite easily, quietness in your ears...pretty dang fun. By the time I got to the lighthouse, the wind was whipping up pretty good. Couple of sections had me leaning into it to maintain a straight line. But, made it to the lighthouse which was just visible through the fog. Had a bagel at the overlook and headed back home.

That tail wind, I had on the way out was now a head wind and not the most fun. But, I plodded on knowing that when I made the turn east at the north end of the estero, I'd be enjoying that tail wind again. And what a tail wind it was! I'm usually in my 34/21 climbing back over the ridge. Today, I was flying up the hill in my 34/18, hit the twisty descent back into Inverness and flew home aided by the tail wind.

Took a few pictures too. Cow with waist band. (Actually, the more I look at this photo, the more I think this cow is setting quite the fashion statement among her crew. Half-top exposing the belly, hip-hugging bottoms...)

The lighthouse was briefly visible as an opening in the fog scooted past my field of view.

Long way down.

And now about 6 hours later, my legs are telling me about the effort they put in for me. They're not too happy. I tell them to quit their whining or I'll take up running.

(What's playing: John Prine People Puttin' People Down)

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