Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guess I should have included a link to the site but in all my excitement, just overlooked a little minor point. That should help.

Might as well make use of this space to post this little fun bit. Working on an old Cannondale today that needed shift cables (they had been removed prior to bringing it in) and it also needed a barrel adjuster for the old Deore thumb shifter. So, I pull one out of one of those little plastic compartment bins where I keep little trinkets. A little grease on the threads, thread it in to the shifter. I go to thread the cable through the adjuster and dang it all to heck, I can't get it started. Poke the cable around trying to find the hole. Finally, I go to poke the cable through from the ferrule end to make sure the hole goes through. No go. What the heck? Looks like my friends at Jagwire forgot to drill out this adjuster. Had to laugh at the situation.

(What's playing: Bob Dylan Thunder on the Mountain)