Monday, March 31, 2008

Riding time is thinking time...

Riding time is thinking time and this morning was no exception. I don't like (maybe because I never have) riding with music via an IMD (impersonal music device) so I'm left to my thoughts. The problem is I have these revelations on my ride but rarely seem to remember them by the time I get home. I swear I have come up with a completely universal plan to rid the world of war, hunger, medical maladies, and Carrot Top. But I can't remember by the time I return home. It's not that I forgot what I was thinking, it's just that I didn't remember to remember.

However, I did remember what I was thinking about on my ride this morning. I resolved to remember. That's probably why I forgot to turn around at the point I had planned to turn around at and rode and extra hour. Not a bad thing.

Things I thought about and remembered on my ride:

1. Write something about the recent claims that the sky is falling in the bike industry because of raw material price increases.
2. Write something about remembering to remember (check that one off).
3. Reply to an e-mail from the Marin County Bike Coalition and their request of granting members a discount in my shop. My brilliant idea was not to offer a discount, but to donate a percentage of sales by MCBC members back to the MCBC.
4. Write something about gearing and stem position, which I'll knock off promptly.
5. Weed whack the back-yard (ow - not only are my legs done in, but now my upper body is toasted).

(What's playing: Elvis Presley Don't)

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