Sunday, March 2, 2008

Needed a day like this...

I won't kid anyone. It's been slow in February. Slow where you get that nagging voice in the back of your head asking if you "did the right thing?" But then a day like today comes along. And not only because it was okay at the cash register, but because someone comes in who makes your day.

About 15, 16 years ago when I worked at Pacific Coast Cycles in Carlsbad, CA, we had a couple of employees who always made the day more interesting. One, Pete, was a very calm person with a cute wife. Neat people.

So, this group of riders stops at the front of the shop and a rider comes in and asks to borrow a pump. After inflating her tires, she looks around the shop and stops to read a copy of a newpaper article about me and the shop opening in Point Reyes, spins around and exclaims "Mike Varley!" Now, I don't usually elicit that level of response from anyone let alone a cute female. Seeing how I'm at a loss, she explains that she's Pete C's wife from back in the PCC days and that they're still married, have a couple of kids, and live over in the East Bay. Wow, what a small world and it's things like that that keeps things fun and interesting. It's things like that that only happen in bike shops.

I'll leave with this photo of a bike that came in today for work. This will be a really cool "what's in the stand today" post once I gather the parts to get this beauty back in shape. Yep, those are WTB Speedmasters and Campagnoly mountain cranks.

(What's playing: John Lee Hooker One Bourbon, One Scotch One Beer)