Friday, February 15, 2008

When 28 - 23 does not equal 5...

I rode my 38c tired cross bike earlier in the week followed by a ride on one of my road bikes with 23c tires. I have to say that the 23c bike felt much faster (could have been the sweet tail wind). I came back with a plan to put on a set of 28c tires. A nice compromise. I thought those 28c tires would look big compared to the 23c tires that previously occupied space on my wheels.

Before I took off the 23c Vittoria tires, I measured their actual width - 24mm. Hmmm, that's pretty fat. I thought that the 28 Continentals would then be the bee's knees and look all fat on the wheels. Got them installed and ... well, my hopes were dashed. They looked no fatter than the 23's I just took off. A quick check with the calipers and lo and behold, those 28's are actually 26! Huh?

So, I'm still trying to comprehend. Try this: attemping to get a 5mm fatter tire, I go from a 23 to a 28 and only gain 2mm. 28 - 25 = 2. New math. I don't like it.

(What's playing: Muddy Waters Got My Mojo Working - I just wish tire companies had their mojo working when they size tires.)