Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a great day to be closed...

We've had spectacular weather here the past 4 or 5 days. Beautiful clear skies. Temps approaching and into the 70s (depending how close to the water you are). Not much wind... So when my wife says yesterday "why don't you go for a ride." I know enough to not argue and I'm on my way.

I decided to tackle a longer than usual ride and headed south on Highway 1 to the Fairfax-Bolinas Road over to Fairfax and then back on Sir Francis Drake. The 5 mile climb up to the Bolinas Ridge was just perfect. I chose my cross bike with 34/48 gearing and an 11-27, and 38c WTB Interwolf tires inflated to 60psi. I'm really liking these large volume tires for riding on the road. Comfy and fast feeling. This bike just feels right with it's taller handlebar position and longer wheelbase than my road bike. I didn't even bother cleaning all the mud off from its last ride.

Stopped early in the climb for this shot. I've had to learn how to ride differently that I used to by stopping every once in a while for a breather at some photo op location. I used to just jump on the bike and go as hard as I can until the ride's done.

On the way up Bo-Fax Road, I came across these sandals sitting on the dirt in a turn-out just like you see them in the photo - like they might be if someone was taking off their slippers before slipping into bed. Where did they come from? Where were they going? Well, they weren't going anywhere just taking in the view. Where would they go to next?

On the way up, I got all creative snapping some photos holding the camera on top of the top tube as I rode on up the hill.

Made it to the top of the Bolinas Ridge, a 1473 foot climb in about 45 minutes - with stops.

Stopped at Alpine Lake for a bite to eat and a photo op.

And at the top of the climb outside Fairfax for more food before dropping down into Fairfax. Nice views looking out to San Pablo Bay.

Like I said, what a great day to be closed! Four hours, 45 miles, and 4,700 feet of climbing.

(What's playing: Miles Davis Sketches of Spain)