Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring has sprung...

Well, at least for yesterday, today, and, hopefully, tomorrow. Hit the road this morning for a ride up Highway 1 to Marshall - about a 20 mile round trip. Even though I still needed knee warmers, long sleeve base layer with long sleeve jersey, it was a perfect day. Still air. Temperate temperature. Mid-morning, minimal traffic. Can't ask for much more than that. Can't wait for tomorrow morning if its going to stay like this.

Thought about several things on the ride that I'll come back to in future posts. A couple things I did think about was the bicycle chain and how darn efficient it is at propelling a cyclist forward and how much I like fat road tires. A nicely sized, supple road tire is the best way to improve the road feel of a road bike. I've gotten so used to at least a 25c tire, that 23c tires look super skinny.

Took some photos up in Marshall. This is the old abandoned building next to Hog Island Oysters.

It's been around a while.

The island where the oyster company gets its name from.

Peaceful, calm day on Tomales Bay.

My guardian vulture made sure I was safe on my ride.

(What's playing: The Raveonettes Aly, Walk With Me)