Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oo-Oo That Smell...

That smell of death's around you. Not in the drug induced sense that Lynyrd Skynyrd's song lamented about, but that whiff you get outdoors when there is a decomposing mammal upwind from you. So it was on my ride this morning when I got "that smell." Just wouldn't seem to go away as the breeze carried it for a good 1/4 mile straight to my nostrils. Every time I smell "dead animal" I can't help but hit the play button in my head for Lynyrd Skynyrd's That Smell.

And then I saw it. One less bobcat in the Pt. Reyes/Tomales Bay area. Bummer. From the looks of the cat, it must have happened during the last rain looking at its fur.

There is always some kind of fascination with a dead animal on the side of the road that makes you want to stop, poke around with a stick, try to find out why it died (although being on the side of the road, it's fairly obvious), and think circle of life. I might have to make this ride somewhat regular to chart its decomposition. I always like looking at the animal skulls in museums and nature centers.

I had a nice close up of its head that indicated fairly clearly that in car vs. bobcat, car wins, but decided against posting it - pretty gruesome. Its teeth were pretty white and healthy looking.

(What's playing: Hank Williams Sr. Long Gone Lonesome Blues)