Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Project #2 - part 1...

Project #2 involves building myself a new fixed gear bike. I've decided to retire the ole Bridgestone RB-1 from fixed gear duty and built it back up into it's previous and original build with a mix of Mavic, Campagnolo, Shimano...stuff that works well in it's own right.

So, project #2 will be a fixed gear bike based on a sample of a frame that I'm developing as a Black Mountain Cycles fixed gear frame. There are some changes from this sample that I'm going to make after consulting with my friend Sky at Velo Culture down in San Diego. This frame is definitely, more of a road oriented fixed gear frame. The final one will fit in nicely on the track or on the mean streets.

First step, wheels. Phil Wood and Velocity Deep V. I waited for a long time for white Deep V's and finally got them to build up with DT Competition 14/15 spokes. There are some combinations of rims/hubs/spokes that just seem to build up perfectly and these wheels built up so nicely that when I was done, I had that "that's all" feeling.

I dig how this first shot came out. Got the "Phil" lined up perfectly with the valve hole. More as the project progresses...

(What's playing: Streaming Seattle's KEXP Music That Matters radio show.)