Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Visitors to the shop are nice. Paying visitors (customers) are even nicer ;-) . But it's always a pleasant surprise to have visitors of the caliber I've had recently.

Bruce Gordon has stopped by a couple of times. His shop is over the hill in Petaluma. He's stopped by on a couple of beautiful Sunday mornings, driving his sweet, little red MG with the top down to Pt. Reyes for breakfast. He's been a great guy to talk bikes and just stuff in general. I always enjoyed seeing his bikes at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show. It also helps that the bikes he displays are big bikes like the ones I like and ride. Now it's nice to be able to put a personality with the bike.

Tom Ritchey and Jock Boyer stopped by over the weekend at the end of a ride. Tom snapped a derailleur cable and we tried to fix it, but the cable end had snapped off in his shifter and lodged itself in the bowels of the shifter which would have required some surgery to remove. He didn't have time to get it out so we set the limit screw of the rear derailleur to a middle gear giving him a 2-speed to get back to Steve's house.

Jock Boyer, in case you've not followed racing for the past, oh, 30 years or so, was the first American to race in the Tour de France, raced Paris Roubaix many times, won Coors Classic, won Race Across America a few times..., and now is working to develop the Rwanda National Cycling Team.

Neil Ruddock from retrobike.uk used a holiday to the Bay Area to visit the hallowed ground that is Mt. Tam and Repack Rd. recently. He also stopped by the shop for a chat and took photos of some of the vintage bikes in the shop.

Steve Potts stops by regularly to take advantage of one of the couches I have in the shop. So be careful if you are thinking about plopping down on a couch and it looks like a sleeping Carthartt jacket, it just might be Steve.

And last Saturday, a friend from New York, Noah, came out to visit his Potts bikes that he's letting me display in the shop. In tow, was Jacquie Phelan, Alice B. Toeclips. Or rather, Jacquie was towing Noah and his wife around West Marin. I usually like to go on solo bike rides. Jacquie is one person I wouldn't mind riding with. Noah is also compiling information on Jacquie's husband's (Charlie Cunningham) bikes and posting it on a website he's managing.