Monday, October 15, 2007

All you need to ride a bike is a bike...

It's raining today (or at least it was an hour ago). I didn't expect many folks to come into the shop today. Especially folks who were out riding. And I really didn't expect the young lady who came into the shop with a hunk of glass in her front tire. She was riding with her dad from Sebastopol to San Francisco - only about 70+ miles.

She was riding an old Benotto with a heavy dose of rust on all the chromed sections of the frame (including the whole fork). She was had a rain jacket on, cotton pedal pushers, Teva type sandals sans socks (the temperature is maybe high 50's), and a helmet.

I installed a new tube and booted her tire while she and her dad got some soup. When they were done, they picked up the bike, and were on their way to the city - another 40 miles to go.

It is definitely not the best weather to be riding but she had a smile the whole time like she was just having a great adventure with her dad. Riding in the rain is fun, but I guess, I don't smile too much while I'm getting drenched.

Oh yeah, not only was she wearing sandals, but she was riding with old Look pedals. That must have been a little slippery. Who says you need to have the costume to have a great time riding.