Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Turn the comments off...

I didn't know whether to turn on the comment feature or leave it off when I started this here blog. I think I'll now turn the feature off. My initial inkling was to leave it off because it seems like blogs have become more than their intended purpose of a "web log" - a place to record events, thoughts, happenings. It seems like more and more blogs have become a forum of sorts. There are various forums one can join to yack endlessly about inane topics (like vintage mountain bikes...).

While I appreciate those friends and family who have posted comments of encouragement and congratulations, I'm not looking for any kind of web based public ego stroking. I just have a fun time writing and taking pictures (photos if you know what you are doing). My e-mail address is listed, so drop me a line if you gots something to say or better yet pick up the phone and call me. I gotta go for a ride now :-)

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