Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My new commuter...

This bike is a hoot to ride to work. It's truly an Amsterdam bike. I've got a 14 year old Jandd Commuter pannier that carries my lunch, laptop, and other assorted requirements for a day on the job. The coaster brake and twist shifter let me also carry my cup of coffee during my 2 minute commute.

I also saw this link to photos of bikes in Amsterdam today. There's some cool shots of everyday people just out riding their bikes in all manner of dress. The photographer took 83 photos of people on bikes in a 72 minute period. Doubt those numbers could be achieved in the states on any given day in an urban setting.

The Old Dutch is a big bike. With one exception ;-), I'm pretty sure this reflects on the stature of all Dutch folks.

Complete with integrated lock.

Stainless steel 28" rims.

Neat knurled pattern on the rim sidewall, reflective stripe on the tire, and Woods valve (good thing the Old Dutch is complete with a pump).

Fully enclosed chain.

How is that chain cover kept closed anyway? A nifty little alternating hook set-up with a steel rod that runs through the hooks, that's how.