Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First bike sale...

As another friend who owns a bike shop mentioned something to the effect of "a collection of bikes is nice to look at, but you've got to also sell to keep the doors open." Or something like that. Well, the interest in bikes here seems to be in something that is comfortable, requires little maintenance, and is fun to ride. I was a big fan of the Electra Amsterdam when it came out so I ordered some and yesterday sold the first one - a nifty white ladies Classic 3 model.

She wanted this bike to ride the couple of miles to work in town. So excited about picking it up she was, that she walked to work in the morning so she could ride home. It's fun when you get to see folks enjoying riding their new bike.

Boy those Amsterdams take a bit of time to assemble (correctly). Well, not a lot of time in the actual assembly, but a lot of time to remove all the protective cardboard, foam, and zip ties. But that's probably a good thing to ensure they arrive at the shop safely.