Thursday, August 9, 2007

When you need wood in Point Reyes...

I need bike racks to display bikes and after seeing the cost for steel racks that are commercially available, I realized I had to build my own. Taking a cue from Pacific Coast Cycles, where he built his own, I will do the same. Instead of a rack system that costs in the thousands of dollars, mine will cost me $205 and some labor.

They would have cost more if I bought the lumber myself, but Steve Potts told me he had plenty of lumber that I could use. I thought that he had 2x4's and such, but this is Point Reyes and when you have your own lumber mill, you make your own.

So, off the the lot where Steve has his mill and we pick out some raw timbers and run them through his re-saw mill and then take them back to his house to run them through a planer. Out comes some beautiful, close grain, high grade wood. These, along with some aluminum u-channel will make up my bike racks.

Thanks, Steve.

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