Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things must be okay...

Things must be going okay if I need to start placing reorders after being open a week, right? Yeah, that's what I think too. Seriously, folks are coming in to get bikes tuned up, replace tires, get cycle computers...I'm having a great time so far. Now I've got to figure out how and what I'm going to do about stocking "just the right amount" of things like helmets and clothes.

I visited Swobo recently and had a great time talking to Sky and Erin. They've got some really nice bikes and clothes. The bikes are the kind of bikes that defy categorization. They are bikes I call "ride to" bikes - actually, I just started calling them that because I literally just thought that up right now. "Ride to" bikes. I like it. Ride to the store. Ride to soccer practice. Ride to work. Ride to the bar. Ride to school. Ride to the beach. Ride to ... well, just about anywhere you want to go on a bike. So, I think I'll get a couple of Swobo bikes for the shop and some clothes. I want to sell stuff I like.

Hey, I got water bottles in too! Sweet! I got a little artsy taking pictures of the bottles so there's two photos. Sheesh, taking pictures of water bottles.


Jeff Rowe said...

Just caught the blog for the first time.
The shop and surroundings look beautiful. Congratulations.
All the best,

blackmountaincycles said...

Thanks, Jeff. Definitely a challenge being mechanic, accountant, buyer, sales guy, and gofer all in one.