Monday, August 20, 2007

Moving in the right direction...

The door's open, folks are coming in (I need to get some generic replacement wheels) and things are moving along about as expected - slowly. I knew it wouldn't be great guns right out of the gate, but it's all good.

We had some incredible help from friends over the weekend helping unpack, check in, and price my first order of bits and pieces. We would still be swimming among the boxes if we didn't have their help. Got some slatwall up as well - dang, that stuff is heavy!

I also got a call from Monkey Wrench Cycles in Lincoln, NE. The call started off with Nate asking me if I rented used tubes. Deciding to play along, I promptly confirmed that yes, we do. But all tube rentals have to be back by closing on the same day. He asked if I was going to be at Interbike. I realized that the show is only a short time away and I hadn't really thought about the going at all. I've been involved in setting up company booths for the past 13 years and, honestly, I don't really want to feel like I have to go to Vegas.

Welp, got some more photos of the shop, which is looking more and more like a shop. All the bikes in the shop, unfortunately, aren't for sale. Most of them are my personal bikes (well, I might sell off a few of these) and some of them are vintage mountain bikes that friends have generously loaned to be put on display. I like the idea of showing some of the history of the sport that I love.

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