Friday, July 27, 2007

I have a logo...

At the recommendation of a friend I worked with an incredible graphics person to create this logo for the shop. It was a really hard process. Hard because all the options she created for me were awesome. I had a hard time choosing one. I'm sure I'll be able to make use of some of the others to satisfy various needs. I chose this one because I think it would look good on a business card, t-shirt, bag of coffee, bottle of beer, the list is endless!

And this one will be turned into a sign to hang above the door.


There are quite a few people who were very encouraging to me as I planned moving away from Southern California to Point Reyes to open a bike shop.

First and foremost, my wife and son were absolutely instrumental in the move. Basically, they got torn away from all they had known and their friends. They are back down there right now visiting friends. I talked to my son last night and asked him if it was strange being down there after only being in Pt. Reyes for a month. He said it was weird because there were no trees. I love the desert and the chaparral coastal ecosystem, but it's incredible in Pt. Reyes with the forests of pines and redwoods. I've done some rides where it feels like you are in an incredible redwood rain forest. Well, actually, you are in an incredible redwood rain forest.

Gary Boulanger and his family are an inspiration in what they did when they created Cycles Gaansari. It's a concept I hope to build on and embrace - the bike shop that believes the "bike shop" is the main focus and not on any brands that are bought and sold.

Steve Potts and his boys put us up in his house on our multiple visits while we checked out the feasibility of moving to the area. Steve is also instrumental in helping me build out the shop. Steve has great stories (most of which involve near death and/or maiming - but in a good way) of racing motorcycles, riding bikes, or milling lumber.

Amanda Eichstaedt of the Bear Valley Inn in helping me understand the needs of a bike shop in West Marin. She's been a great supporter of bringing a shop here and in getting the word out about it. Because of her, I've already had the two local papers contact me. She is also very involved in cycling advocacy.

Tom Ritchey saved us from having to find a place to let our dog run. Being a Kelpie, which is a breed that runs up to 30 miles a day as a sheep herder in Australia, he needs to run free for a good hour each day. Tom has generously let up use his plot of land to run the dog. Tom also helped arrange getting some shop equipment (workbench, display cases, service parts...) from a friend of his.

B&L Bikes in Solana Beach, CA where I was lucky to land a job as a mechanic after leaving my previous job - brothers Matt, Micah and Nate; Dano; Paul; Gordon (you didn't visit me when you picked up your Sycip); Dan; Elliot; Randy; Scott and even though he doesn't technically work there - Jens (and thanks to Gordon's reminder, Tony - and I almost forgot Sara too). Working there, I was reminded why I love bikes and what excellent customer service is. I hope I can offer the same level in my shop.

So, to each of you - THANK YOU!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

1200 sq. ft. sure fills up fast...

When I first saw the space I'm leasing, I thought it looked pretty big. But it sure seems a bit more cozy as it starts to get filled. Where that big ole black-to-white faded tandem is will be a wall to separate an office/storage space.

The area in that corner yonder will have a couple couches and a gen-u-wine 32" CRT based TeeVee with, now get this, a built in VCR and DVD player. What'll they ever think of next!

A couple more shots just for the heck of it.

More to follow...