Monday, June 18, 2007

The king pin has been pulled

How long do you have to wait before tossing that grenade after the pin's been pulled? In my case, the pin's pulled and lost somewhere in the dirt so I gotta throw the grenade and take my chances on what the future holds.

My son and I drove our big blue box with a little trailer up to Point Reyes over the weekend. We wanted to haul a bunch of my bike stuff along with plastic crates full of Christmas decorations so they don't get too beat up in the moving van. In addition to moving a bunch of, valuables, I needed to check the status of my PO box. Lots of great mail with my Marin County business license, California reseller's permit and confirmation on my federal ID number. All fairly important. Along with these and the certificate of insurance I now have (that only cost me more than my first car but not as much as my favorite bike is worth), I'm set to go to line up accounts so I can start writing checks.

Also in my mail box was a stack of junk mail - already! All were adverts for various credit card companies wanting me to use their credit card service. How did they know that I was opening up a business? I guess I have either the county of Marin of the state of California to thank for this. I wonder if they sell the information on new businesses or give it away. I sure hope they give it away, because it would kind of frost me if they sold it and I did not benefit.

I also got my phone number established and got to pick from a few options - 415-663-8125 will be operational as Black Mountain Cycles in a few weeks - give or take a few weeks. Well, probably (give a few).

Now that almost all of the background stuff is done, I can focus on getting the things done that will make a bike shop a bike shop - like finding a spot for that cool Cane Creek bar mat that my friend at Cane Creek sent me! Thank you, by the way!

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