Thursday, May 31, 2007

I can sell in the state of California!

Just got confirmation on getting a reseller's license so I can start selling products in the state of California. That also means I will need to also start paying taxes to the state of California.

One more step to getting all the ducks in a row so to speak. There is so much more I have to do to start getting accounts with folks that I can't do until I am physically moved to Point Reyes. Phone number, business bank account and liability insurance are a couple of minor things I need to get. I've got the insurance lined up and as soon as I fire off a check, it's in effect.

I've got my first order penned out that will cover the necessities of shop operation and a few tools I'm lacking. Can't get the order going, though until I get an account. Can't get an account until I have insurance. Vicious circle, catch-22. Soon, though. The king pin is just waiting to be pulled to get the ball really rolling...

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